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Lake Murray Bass

Steve Comalander is known as The Old Fisherman on his YouTube channel - Steve Comalander.  He has created a large following from his library of fishing videos.  His videos share great fishing trips and he shares his life experiences with personal stories while he educates and informs how to be a great fisherman.  Steve lives in Chapin, South Carolina.  He enjoys perch, crappie, catfish, and bass fishing on Lake Monticello; and large-mouth bass, stripper, catfish, perch and crappie fishing on Lake Murray.  

Steve's videos are all one take clips and continuous streaming.  The videos on his channel are never pieced together videos and all are self- produced (no camera man side-kick) doing what he loves the most.  These videos are entertaining and straight from the heart of a true, die-hard fisherman.    For feedback, questions or comments, send your messages to

Viewers are commenting that Steve’s videos are “reality fishing at its best” and "it's like you're in the boat fishing with Steve."  If you truly love to fish, you too will love watching the entire library of videos made by "The Old Fisherman", Steve Comalander.

Share his channel with your family and friends.  "You gotta luv it!"

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